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Last Updated: 04 July 2016
  1. 表格 (table) 一定要在文字模式下輸入,也就是說,一定要先選文字工具 (快捷鍵 T) 才能輸入或編輯表格。
  2. 表格本身是 inline (or embedded) object。上方增加文字,表格會自動往後移動。

inline table1

假設我們在表格上方多加了幾行文字,表格會自動往下移。如果你的 text frame 會自動增加頁面,排不下的表格會自動放到下一頁。不然就會產生 text overset。

inline table2

如果你的表格有 table header (表頭列) 或 footer (表尾列),下一頁會自動複製一份新的表頭或表尾。

inline table3

inline table4

Last Updated: 04 July 2016

When it comes to hyphenation and justification, LaTeX is often said to be superior to Adobe InDesign, then to Microsoft Word. See this link for example. 

Below is my own experiment for a short paragraph typeset in Minion Regular at 12pt. Leading is set to 14.4pt, if possible. By the way, for reasons that I've yet been able to figure out, my XeLaTeX run turned out to produce a number of annoying "overfulled \hbox".

In summary, InDesign performs better than either XeLaTeX or Word for Mac 2015.


Here is the configuration of Adobe InDesign CC. I was using a Chinese version of Adobe InDesign CC. The source file can be downloaded here.indesign 2

The configuration of the XeLaTeX source file. You are welcome to try it yourself.

 latex 2

The configuration of Word for Mac 2015 Preview.

word 2word 3word 4

Last Updated: 26 September 2014

Quick mask mode (快速遮色片模式 ) is useful when refining the edge of complex selections, or adding/substracting areas to/from the selections.

First you will need to select an area by any selection tool. Press the Q shortcut key, or Select -> Edit in Quick Mask Mode, or click the Quick Mask Mode icon on the left panel will enable the quick mask mode. The default color of the masked area is red. This can be changed if necessary.

Press the X shortcut key switches between the foreground (white) and background (black). Use the brush tool to paint foreground color to any area where you want to be included in the selection. Painting black background color to an area will exclude it from the selection. 

Once done, the selected area can be saved to a separate layer, see 選取的區域複製到新圖層


  1. Quick Mask Mode