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Comparing justification and hyphenation among InDesign, Word, and LaTeX

Last Updated: 04 July 2016

When it comes to hyphenation and justification, LaTeX is often said to be superior to Adobe InDesign, then to Microsoft Word. See this link for example. 

Below is my own experiment for a short paragraph typeset in Minion Regular at 12pt. Leading is set to 14.4pt, if possible. By the way, for reasons that I've yet been able to figure out, my XeLaTeX run turned out to produce a number of annoying "overfulled \hbox".

In summary, InDesign performs better than either XeLaTeX or Word for Mac 2015.


Here is the configuration of Adobe InDesign CC. I was using a Chinese version of Adobe InDesign CC. The source file can be downloaded here.indesign 2

The configuration of the XeLaTeX source file. You are welcome to try it yourself.

 latex 2

The configuration of Word for Mac 2015 Preview.

word 2word 3word 4