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A quick start guide for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Last Updated: 25 September 2014

Create a project

Setup the editing workspace: Window -> Workspace -> Editing

Use the Media Browser tab (located at the bottom left of the workspace) to import video footages or audio clips files

Double click a video footage, it will be opened in the "source monitor" located in the top left of the workspace.

import video

To select just a part of the video footage, drag the "play head" to determine the "mark in" and "mark out" points

Then drag the video (as well as the audio) to the timeline window located in the bottom right of the workspace. A video and an audio track will be automatically created. The video or the audio track can be dragged separated by click and drag the respective button (located at the bottom of the source monitor).

 drag video only

Similarly, you can drag an audio clip to the timeline window, and save it to an audio track

"+" or "-" keys can be used to zoom in/out in the timeline window

You can increase the height of an audio track, then holding the middle line, move it up will increase the volume, move it down will decrease the volume of the audio track.


Still image can also be added to a video track in the timeline

Adding a title to the video: in the timeline window, drag the playhead to the point where you want to title to appear, then Title->New Title->Default Still..., a title editing window will appear, you will be able to create a title over there by selecting typeface, font size, ... etc.

create a title

The title will be saved to your current project upon closing the "title window", then you are to drag the title to a new video track on the timeline, place it at the time point where you want to see the title

 insert the title

The video clips can be adjusted, by tools such as Levels/Colors/Shadow/Highlights, ... etc., just like a still image. Select the Effect tab, Video Effects, then Adjust.

Video effects

Effect controls


To add transition effects, in the timeline window, select a footage, move the cursor to the beginning or the end of the footage, right mouse click, select the default transition. For other transition effects, select the Effect tab at the bottom left project window, you will be presented a list of transition effects from which you can choose. 

Default transition

other effects

To export the video, File -> Export -> Media ... (⌘+M)