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Camtasia for Mac Version 2 相關心得

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  • For reasons that I've yet figured out, to get better video quality, screen captures must be done using one of the preset resolutions, e.g., 1080p or 720p, . Any custom resolution results in a less satisfactory video (in terms of resolution), unless you take the steps described below. In any case, the output quality will be less than perfect if the chosen "canvas size" is not among one of the presets (e.g., 1080p, 720p).
  • According to one of the official tutorials, it is recommended to make the recording at a larger region, say, the full screen, and later edit the clip at the (normally smaller) resolution of the targeted device, say, 1080p. At a specfic time and area where higher video quality is required, you can always zoom in to that area, and enable "Scale to Actual Pixels". This way more pixels will be used to display that specifc area, resulting in a more crisp video.