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The aim of the study is to check whether the platform will generate the same results ...

  • check 是直譯中文「檢查」,事實上應為 to validate 或 to confirm

Below are the weaknesses of the ABC platform: (1) open source version is incompatible, (2) Amazon EC2 image un-support, (3) setting environment unclearly

  • 第一點事實上原作者想說的是:the open source version requires extensive re-configuration
  • 第二點:the Amazon EC2 image is not available
  • 第三點:我就真的看不懂原作者想說什麼

To determine ABC, we estimated the correlation between X and Y at first.

  • at first 看來是直譯中文「我們首先做某件事」。其實 at first 多半是這樣用:At first I didn't understand something, but it became clear later that ...
  • 所以原文應該是這樣: We first estimated the correlation between X and Y to determine ABC.